Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The Spiritual & Mystifying Friday Night

One of my friends from university once told me about the gathering on Friday night (night between Thursday and Friday) commonly known as “shab-e-jumma”, at various mosques in the area. He informed about how people go to the mosques at Maghrib time, spending whole night in Prayers and preaching Islam, increasing each others knowledge. Then the next morning some of the volunteers go for Tabligh to various parts of the country in the form of little jama´ats while the rest return to their routines, all set to attend the congregation next Thursday.

One of the big mosques, for this purpose is at Ayesha Manzil,near Aga Khan School, where hundreds of people gather each week; Madni Masjid. One of my colleagues, Mehreen from the HR department lives there, and our van has to take that route to drop her. Last Thursday (13/05/2010), it was quite late when we left the office and it was around Maghrib time when we reached Mehreen´s place.

The scene there was quite mystifying, atleast for me. There was unusual rush  of people, all kinds of – wearing shalwar kameez, western dress , bearded , non-bearded, irrespective of their castes… all were heading towards the masjid for the congregation of Friday night. All were ready to purify their souls and to get the most of the night.  The pedestrian bridge was full of white colour , the colour of the purity . the cars were filled with the people heading towards the masjid. People were coming from each and every place of the city and even from the other areas and were joining the spiritual league.

When our van passed through those streets, it was a mesmerizing scene, don´t know what was so inspiring of that but it was really really looking mystic. People have set up their ´thelas´ there selling different kind of things; dates, food, icecream, chat, miswaak, souveniors, many small pieces of technology from china and what not was set up in that small place. The rush of people all clad in the colours of purity were selling and buying the things, exchanging their views about life, helping each other in better understanding Islam! Well , it may not sound as something extraordinary, but at that time it was for me. It all resembled like the bazaars of Madinah and Makkah, with people wandering in the bazaars to leave everything and go for the namaz on hearing Azaan.

 Something was surely spiritual, mystifying, mesmerizing at that place which forced me to write this, to share this thought. I can still feel the piousness of that place, the calmness and serenity that could be felt their that time, with all the people gathered to rectify themselves. Nobody was there to point fingers on others, but to correct their own selves. Maybe I cannot portray the scene exactly in its true sense, but there was definitely something extraordinary at that place that day!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A poem by Zehra Nigah

 Suna hai jungalon ka bhi koi dastur hota hai!!!

Suna hai Jungalon ka bhi koi dastuur hota hai!
Suna hai sher ka bhi jab pait bhar jae to wo,
hamla nahi kerta!
Suna haijab kisi naddi k pani men
baye k ghonslay ka gandumi saya larazta hai,
to naddi ki ro.peli machlian usko
parosi maan leti hain!
Hawa kkay taiz jhonke jab darakhton ko hilate hain
to mena apne ghar ko bhool ker
kawway k andon ko paron men thaam leti hai,
Suna hai ghonsaly se jab koi bacha giray to
sara jungle jaag jata hai!
Naddi men baar ajae, koi pul toot jae to
kisi lakri k takhtay per
gulehri, sanp, cheetah aur bakri
sath hote hain!
Suna hai jungalon ka bhi koi dastur hai.
Khudawanda, Jaleel o Mautber, Dana o Bina, Munsif o Akbar,
hamare shehar men ab
Jungalon ka hi koi dastuur naafiz kar !!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Screening of movie "HOME" at Stockholm University

Last monday , that is, 20th September'2010, we went to Stockholm university where the movie 'home' was being screened and the event was dedicated to collect funds for the flood victims of Pakistan.

I must say that the movie is a great one! the topic, the photography, everything is too good!

The movie/documentary starts from the beginning of the earth; how the algae and fungi absorbed CO2 of the atmosphere and made oxygen available to make life possible on this earth about billions of years ago. Then the story goes on about how various species were living on this earth, and how the population grew, with humans having only a few thousands of years history.

The movie captures the most beautiful scenes of this earth, portraying how life continued and continued towards the present world. Every scene is so beautiful that one is bound to say "Subhan Allah" and admire the beauty of nature.

The main idea behind the movie is how the modernization of this world has created some of the worst effects on the climate; known among all as the Global Warming.

It shows how the industrialization is causing pollution which in turn is effecting the water cycle on this planet. The glaciers are warming up quickly, the north and pole ice caps are melting at a rate which is faster than in the previous years.

De-forestation is causing the lands to erode, oxygen to diminish, less rainfalls, etc.

All these climatic effects and environmental considerations, would have turned out to be a boring lecture for many of us, but not in this movie ... the movie has been pictured so beautifully and the documentary is so well written and spoken that I am sure of it that no one will feel even a little bit of boredom while watching this.

The greatest part of the movie is that it just not only sermons on the things we are doing to our planet, but towards the end of the movie, emphasis has been made on the environment friendly acts which are now being taken.How the renewable sources of energy are being given importance today.The true potential of solar, wind, thermal, geothermal, hydral, bio fuels, etc etc is being harnessed in the modern world, and how we have actually taken up the responsibility of cleaning the environment and not further damaging it. how we are caring for this earth now to be able to stand up and face our future generations with pride, not just humiliation of destroying this planet and making this earth a better place to live.

" Heal the world , to make it a better place,
for you and for me, and the entire human race!!! "

Monday, September 27, 2010

police museet - a hilarious experience

on saturday 25th september,I alongwith my husband visited a police museum , which had free entry that day because of their 30 years celebrations kind of thing. The museum (museet in swedish) happens to be a nice place, with police history on display ; uniforms, weapons, heroes and all. we wandered around the museum for about an hour and then joined a presentation about the PICKET - a special police branch trained for danger situations ( sort of commandoes). I being too naive to the swedish language, had to take my hubby's translation services to understand the presentation.

It was informed during that presentation that the police display of a life-saving act which was scheduled to be at one' o clock , had been delayed two hours, since the police officials had to go to Arlanda airport to take care of the PIA aircraft that had to do an emergency landing at Stockholm while going to Pakistan from Canada, due to a bomb hoax. Anyways that is a different story altogether.

So, to cut the story short, we decided to attend the bravery act of the polis and decided to kill time (about an hour) at another museum; etnografi museet , which was about different cultures and civilizations. That museum was really interesting by the way!

Finally it was 3'o clock and we went back to the police museet, where a crowd had gather to witness the heroic deed. So here it goes .....

" the scene was that a man and woman were inside the apartment, and a killer was after them in there who needs to be apprehended before he kills anyone. Two of the policemen came down the building wall via a rope, a police car came with a few more police officers who climbed the wall from down. Then all the four went out of sight (pretending to be in the apartment). Then there came 4 shots of a gun, and bravo!!! All the four of the polis man came back and started waving at the crowd!!!!"

yes that was it !! i was wondering if there was more to come but i was too stupid to think like that .......
Seeing this we were like ..................................................... :-| :D the heroic act was over and we were still waiting for it to start :D

That was really too funny for us , as we saw nothing and the scene ended :) atleast they would have brought the hostages out, or may be the killer !!!!

WOW !!!! :D i  will remember this thing all my life i guess :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

with no respect @ all to the MR.president

It was originally posted  by  on Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 12:52pm on facebook; now i thought of transferring this thing to my blogspace. 

once again the government has changed and this time the worst of all the ppl are our heads!!!
i just hate seeing zardari as the head of our state!!! is this really the punishment of our deeds or its a test to check our endurance????

hain zulmaton ki murabbi tabiaten unki
kabhi ye roshni-e-taba ko nahi mane
hai roshni ka inhen aik hi nazara pasand
k jashn-e-fatah mane, aur jalen kutub khane.

guzashta ehad guzarne hi men nahi ata
ye hadsa bhi likho mojzon k khano men
jo rad hue the jahan men kai sadi pehle
wo log hum pe musallat hain is zamane men!!!

May Allah save Pakistan from the clutches of all these eagles who are just ready to attack my country..... wat a pity tht every day we are seeing a bomb blast in the country and there's no one to balme at.. now when musharraf is gone then y are the so called democratic ppl not able to cope up with the situation???y are we like that?? y cant we think?? y arent we able to bring a revolution????

men ye kisk naam likhun jo alam guzr rhe hain?
mere shehar jal rhe hain, mere log mar rhe hain!

Is there nothing i can do for my country!!! I feel so helpless sometimes but still pray a lot tht we may all be in peace in pakistan. the whole world be @ peace.Amen

I know what ever i am writing has nothing to do with the topic of this note!!! I am not in a mood to write !! oh. how i just hate the thought of him :~|

again another piece of confused thoughts, just pouring out whatever comes in my mind ! and i know none of it makes sense.. but who cares anyway!! wat can I really do while talking sense???? im so frustrated, and this is not just me,every other person i meet has the same opinion as mine...we are totally lost........none of us can do ANYTHING?????????

but still there's a hope in my heart tht everything will be fine soon inshaAllah....whenever i pray for pakistan i just get tht strong feeling from inside tht my country will exist forever, as a sovereign, independent state!! InshaAllah !!

In the memory of...............................

While going through my emails today, I found another great news about our present brilliant government, that now a monument of ex-PM Benazir Bhutto will be erected somewhere in Rawalpindi,as she is now one of our national heroes.

Wow!! isn't that amazing to see how the list of our SUCH heroes is increasing! A corrupt politician, who was in exile for the past decade, strucks a deal with a military-origin president (who by the way  had himself lost his credibility) , clears herself of all the previous charges of corruption and crimes, and returns to the coutry under the so-called National Reconciliation Ordinance - the famous NRO!

And the greatest part is that WE, the people of Pakistan are so much ready to welcome her, not remembering any of her past sins.i think we have got a short term memory loss, keep on forgetting the great deeds of our leaders.

Anyways, now since that lady is assassinated, infact sacrificed her life for her country, for the revival of democracy and what not --- she is sure to attain the status of a national hero!

Can you believe this ???

Ok, i think now that is a clear thing and i should also admit the reality that she was a heroic lady :-| no doubt in that!

But now, a monument of that "hero" is being built by the government of Pakistan, with the money they are making while sucking the blood of this countrymen, by mentally torturing the common people, forcing people to die of hunger, poverty and injustice ( that is btw i think is one of their agenda in the population growth control programme) .

This is not acceptable at all! the party leaders are free to build a memorial of their 'shaheed rani' Benazir , but on their own money. Why should we pay for such a useless thing? Mr. President should loosen his own pockets a little and provide funding for that statue of his beloved wife, but what is the point in doing this on government's behalf, wasting the tax-payer's money, on such an idiotic thing ? And that also in the midst of the worst catastrophe , world has ever faced. Millions of people have been rendered homeless by the floods, there is shortage of food, crops are all destroyed, and yet the only thing the great democratic government can think of now is building something in "shaheed mohterma ki yaad men" !!

The budget this year has no money for the education sector, nothing for health, none for the basic necessities for the people, whole government machinery, organizations are in shambles; but we still have 11 million USD to spare for the great piece of architecture .

This is all truly amazing. Hats off to the government for being such a shameless thing,! we should really salute you !!

May Allah prevent us from the government's clutches and save our coutry from the blood sucking vampires in the present lot of our ruling officials.