Thursday, March 17, 2011

16th March´2011

Raymond Davis freed!

Just heard the news of the release of Raymond Davis (an American charged of killing two men in Lahore). According to the news, the concerned people, the relatives of the murdered took money (de´et) and forgave Davis according to the Islamic shariah. After the concerned authorities have forgiven, there is no option left for anyone, be it media or common people or any other political party to criticize the decision. As none of us have the right to do so!

There was some senior journalist giving his opinion about this issue, that although the question arises, as to how this can happen when the relatives were constantly saying that they want Davis  to be given death sentence! He was right in saying that we as Pakistanis feel bad and talk bad about people who pinpoint towards us but never accept the fact that how morally degraded we have become.
We have become such that there is a hell lot of difference between what we practice and preach.

May be the family was right in doing so, by accepting the money, accepting whatever they were offered, as in this materialistic world, God forbid, if this had happened to any one of us, perhaps we would have also looked for a better life ahead, a better future for all of us .

Though i do feel sad and demotivated at this news  , that once again an American has been released and not punished for the crimes he committed but maybe at least this time , the man was not just handed over like that, as claimed by the USA govt. that he had immunity . At least this time he was indicted for murders, though was freed later but at least not just released like that. At least he had to pay for the lives he took for nothing, the people he killed just like that because being an American he had the license to kill anyone in the country like ours --- Pakistan, as our leaders want to be the happy salves of that govt.

Anyways, hope remains there for a better Pakistan. I am realistic, I believe in miracles!