Friday, April 17, 2015

Evolution of thoughts -- positive or negative ?

After a very long time I opened my blog and read what I had written earlier on Salman Taseer's death....
My first reaction was "did I really wrote that ? were they really my thoughts at that time ?" . Perhaps yes ! This made me to write something more how my thoughts have evolved over time and may be positively (that's what I think).

Its amazing how time and circumstances change your perspective of viewing things. More exposure to the world outside our own little world of thoughts and confined imaginations, lies a a lot more to be explored by us.

Reading my previous posts made me realize how most of us think (or atleast I myself used to think) about such situations, over charged emotionally, without any realistic thinking , just living in the paradise of fools.

One habit of ours that is very common and which I am trying to overcome is spreading messages without confirmation, believing every other thing in this world to be a conspiracy against us, talking and thinking negatively about everything and hating everyone  ........

The last five years in Sweden have really changed my thougts ...... and I hope they are towards a more positive journey now !