Monday, September 20, 2010

In the memory of...............................

While going through my emails today, I found another great news about our present brilliant government, that now a monument of ex-PM Benazir Bhutto will be erected somewhere in Rawalpindi,as she is now one of our national heroes.

Wow!! isn't that amazing to see how the list of our SUCH heroes is increasing! A corrupt politician, who was in exile for the past decade, strucks a deal with a military-origin president (who by the way  had himself lost his credibility) , clears herself of all the previous charges of corruption and crimes, and returns to the coutry under the so-called National Reconciliation Ordinance - the famous NRO!

And the greatest part is that WE, the people of Pakistan are so much ready to welcome her, not remembering any of her past sins.i think we have got a short term memory loss, keep on forgetting the great deeds of our leaders.

Anyways, now since that lady is assassinated, infact sacrificed her life for her country, for the revival of democracy and what not --- she is sure to attain the status of a national hero!

Can you believe this ???

Ok, i think now that is a clear thing and i should also admit the reality that she was a heroic lady :-| no doubt in that!

But now, a monument of that "hero" is being built by the government of Pakistan, with the money they are making while sucking the blood of this countrymen, by mentally torturing the common people, forcing people to die of hunger, poverty and injustice ( that is btw i think is one of their agenda in the population growth control programme) .

This is not acceptable at all! the party leaders are free to build a memorial of their 'shaheed rani' Benazir , but on their own money. Why should we pay for such a useless thing? Mr. President should loosen his own pockets a little and provide funding for that statue of his beloved wife, but what is the point in doing this on government's behalf, wasting the tax-payer's money, on such an idiotic thing ? And that also in the midst of the worst catastrophe , world has ever faced. Millions of people have been rendered homeless by the floods, there is shortage of food, crops are all destroyed, and yet the only thing the great democratic government can think of now is building something in "shaheed mohterma ki yaad men" !!

The budget this year has no money for the education sector, nothing for health, none for the basic necessities for the people, whole government machinery, organizations are in shambles; but we still have 11 million USD to spare for the great piece of architecture .

This is all truly amazing. Hats off to the government for being such a shameless thing,! we should really salute you !!

May Allah prevent us from the government's clutches and save our coutry from the blood sucking vampires in the present lot of our ruling officials.

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