Monday, October 4, 2010

Screening of movie "HOME" at Stockholm University

Last monday , that is, 20th September'2010, we went to Stockholm university where the movie 'home' was being screened and the event was dedicated to collect funds for the flood victims of Pakistan.

I must say that the movie is a great one! the topic, the photography, everything is too good!

The movie/documentary starts from the beginning of the earth; how the algae and fungi absorbed CO2 of the atmosphere and made oxygen available to make life possible on this earth about billions of years ago. Then the story goes on about how various species were living on this earth, and how the population grew, with humans having only a few thousands of years history.

The movie captures the most beautiful scenes of this earth, portraying how life continued and continued towards the present world. Every scene is so beautiful that one is bound to say "Subhan Allah" and admire the beauty of nature.

The main idea behind the movie is how the modernization of this world has created some of the worst effects on the climate; known among all as the Global Warming.

It shows how the industrialization is causing pollution which in turn is effecting the water cycle on this planet. The glaciers are warming up quickly, the north and pole ice caps are melting at a rate which is faster than in the previous years.

De-forestation is causing the lands to erode, oxygen to diminish, less rainfalls, etc.

All these climatic effects and environmental considerations, would have turned out to be a boring lecture for many of us, but not in this movie ... the movie has been pictured so beautifully and the documentary is so well written and spoken that I am sure of it that no one will feel even a little bit of boredom while watching this.

The greatest part of the movie is that it just not only sermons on the things we are doing to our planet, but towards the end of the movie, emphasis has been made on the environment friendly acts which are now being taken.How the renewable sources of energy are being given importance today.The true potential of solar, wind, thermal, geothermal, hydral, bio fuels, etc etc is being harnessed in the modern world, and how we have actually taken up the responsibility of cleaning the environment and not further damaging it. how we are caring for this earth now to be able to stand up and face our future generations with pride, not just humiliation of destroying this planet and making this earth a better place to live.

" Heal the world , to make it a better place,
for you and for me, and the entire human race!!! "

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