Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Independence Day - 14th August

Today is the 66th birthday of my beloved country "Pakistan".
In the morning i was thinking that I should seriously start telling Ayaan about these events which he may not be able to celebrate here in Sweden with the same enthusiasm we used to do in our childhood.

A couple of days back it was Eid, and that too was spent like 'just another day'. No Morning صفائیاں , no getting dressed up, putting jewelry , nothing. it was the most boring eid i ever had ! 

Anyways talking about the independence day celebrations, i remember we used to put the Pakistani flag on the چھت of our home , even did چراغاں one 13th august night with abbu. 

My parents really brouhgt up so well with the patriotism for country, love for religion, peace and harmony for all sects.

the conditions were not such as they are today ! Nowadays we are all ready to kill each other on minor issues. And then it is called as frustration ! is it really frustration or is it selfishness?

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