Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4th January 2011

A ------------- News 

“Governor Punjab Mr.Salman Taseer killed in Islamabad”, this news was really shocking and it spread like fire. Within 5 minutes of that incident, we in Stockholm have already heard about it. To view the details we tried to open the online news sites but it was too much loaded and opened after a couple of minutes confirming the news and also giving a brief description of how he was killed by one of his security guards because of his reservations against some of his recent statements. Only 10 minutes to the news and it showed that 84 people on FB liked the news!!! What was that!! People are liking this news …oh c´mon! Even I didn’t know how to react on his death, to pity him, to be sad, to be happy …….but the only thing that came into my mind at that instant was the situation that would soon be in my country. I can just imagine the tension of the news even sitting here out of the country.
May be the governor reached his fate, may be the guard was right in killing him since he was supporting the controversial case of a woman accused of blasphemy. May be that’s how every Pharaoh is destined to die, may be this was the punishment he got because of his arrogance, or who knows all the Pharaohs of our present government will suffer the same or even worse! Allah knows better than all of us!! But still I am not at all sad at him being killed, but it’s the law and order situation in Pakistan that worries me the most.
In Lahore, the markets and all the businesses were closed within an hour, as told by Bajjo. Each and every city will have to face the music now and especially Karachi, as whatever happens anywhere in the country, the most affected is my city.
PPP has announced 2 weeks mourning and above all the PM Mr. Yusuf Raza Gillani in addition to just condemning and ordering a probe into the incident has also announced 3 days of national mourning for a politician who never ever thought for the national interest perhaps! Doesn’t that sound funny?? I am so sorry but as much as I try I cannot feel a bit sad on the killing of the Punjab governor!! Maybe I have become too ´Bay-hiss´!
I hope everything remains under control now and not so much of killing and burning takes place now, as it happens 3 years ago when BB was killed. Already there was so much of tension going on among our idiot political leaders who have no guts to lead the country. All they know is to throwing mud at each other, pulling each other’s legs and such shameless stuff.

Let’s see what happens now! May ALLAH save my country ….. Aameen.

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